Oct 172011
Bike Box Lambeth Council

Communal bike box parking storage is a bit of a rarity in the UK but Lambeth Council in London is hoping its trial scheme will see enough interest to expand the scheme to other parts of the borough.

The bike box units allow residents who have limited space indoors to store their bikes safely outside on the street near their properties. The bike box unit is covered with a door and there is a secure lock that can only be opened with a key.


Lambeth is charging residents £5 a month to hire a dedicated space in the bike box units.

Two bike boxes have so far been introduced to Bonnington Square in Oval and a further two have been installed on Crimsworth Road in Stockwell. The design of the boxes is intended to complement existing street furniture. 

Funding for the four bike boxes have come from Transport for London but Lambeth Council is exploring whether more bike boxes could be introduced using external funding.

Photo used courtesy of Lambeth Council

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