Aug 312010
Candlelight Bicycle

Whilst fumbling for my front door keys a few nights ago I saw, in the reflection of my house’s bay window, flickering lights behind me. I turned around, looking out into the dimly lit road framed by the darkness of the park beyond, to see a procession of dancing lights rolling along the road.

In the next few minutes thirty, forty (perhaps over fifty cyclists?) bikes glided past me on a night cycle ride. It was an enchanting sight. The light from the lamps stretched out through the darkness. First white, then red. So many lamps in such a small space looked magical and playful. Almost like a fairground ride.

Cyclists rode alone or several abreast. Silent or in calm, untroubled conversation with each other. There were few cars to break the rhythm of the riders as they passed along the road and into the night.

I have yet to find out whether this was a ride organised by friends or a club or whether it was simply a spontaneous outing. If I did not have kebab in my hand I would have got my bike out and joined the group. However, I have decided, now the nights are getting longer and there is more black stuff to cycle in, to find such a group of cyclists and join them on their night ride. However, I will make sure that I have more powerful lighting than one candle (see image above) to guide me through the dark!

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