Jun 142012
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We have some exciting news for all of you. We’ve been busily working away over the last six months to bring you a brand new Going Going Bike website and we’re nearly at the point of switching to that site.

We expect to switch over to the new site in the next week or two so you may find that we have temporarily taken the old site down in readiness for the new site to go live. There will be no change to the URL of the site and you’ll be able to find us at www.goinggoingbike.com as usual.

As you may know, Going Going Bike was launched back in July 2010 by Andrew and James. Since then the site has gone from strength to strength. We won the prestigious Venture Candy Prize, partnered with Team Sky and are the official online marketplace for used Bromptons.

Building a better site

However, we know the site can be so much better and that is why Andrew and James have decided to build a better and brand new website.

We really hope you like it, that you choose us to buy and sell your bikes and bike apparel from and of course tell all your friends about the new site.

The new site will have a different look to the old one and you’ll be pleased to know that elements such as the blog will remain.

Check back for updates

We hope the new site will continue to build on the on-going success of the Going Going Bike business. We’ll be updating this blog with more news on the launch of the new site. Also keep an eye on our Facebook page and Twitter feed for announcements.

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