Mar 252011

We do love to be by the seaside here at Going Going Bike. Even more so if we can take our bikes. So its good news that Blackpool has just completed work on its dedicated cycle lanes linking four inland routes into its famous promenade.

The new cycle lanes include the 2.3km St Chad’s Road to Blackpool Zoo route; the Central Pier to Stanley Park route, the 4km Blackpool Tower to Blackpool Sixth Form College route, and the 2km ride from Norbreck Castle to Whiteholme Road.

Complements existing routes

The cycle lane routes have been implemented at a cost of £3.7m and will complement Blackpool’s existing routes that allow you to cycle the length of the town’s famous promenade. The Jubilee Cycle Way and South Promenade routes pass by some of Blackpool’s most famous attractions, as well as providing beautiful views over the coast.


Blackpool Council is keen to point out that not a single cycle route had taken away parking for hotels, a criticism that had been levelled at the cycle lane plans when work started on the routes last year.

“A lot of thought has gone into the way we have engineered the routes to make sure other road users still have access,” John Donnellon the assistant director of planning and transportation at Blackpool Council, told the Blackpool Gazette.

Cycling investment

Blackpool Council has done a lot to encourage cycling take up in Blackpool over recent years since becoming a Cycling England Cycle City, Cycle Town.

Alongside infrastructure improvements, the Council has launched and extended a cycle hire scheme to give residents and visitors maximum opportunity to get on a bike. The cycle hire scheme now numbers 400 bikes.

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