Aug 012011

As a cyclist anything that increasing our visibility at night time is a help. For instance it is not always visible to see a hand turn signal a cyclist may be making in the dark especially when they turn at speed.

A new invention called YouTurn aims to help that by making your turn indications more prominent to motorists and fellow cyclists around you.

The YouTurn signal system is a motion-based gadget that illuminates an arrow /chevron in the direction of a turn and essentially turns a hand into a giant turn signal.

To use it, you would simply raise your hand and point your hand to whatever direction you are going (see video below for more explanation).


Signal systems of course exist on bikes but they often require modification of the cycle or the attachments add weight. The benefit of the YouTurn system is that it negates all this.

At the moment the prototype is integrated with a cycling glove but the inventor Jack O’Neal maintains the final version will attach to the back of a hand.

Prototype to production

Jack is in need of funds to take this concept to the production phase and is using the Kickstarter internet fundraising concept to find funds to do this. He is looking at raising $50,000 by September 24 and has already got 87 backers and 5% of the funds he needs. Pledge $50 and you are promised a final YouTurn gadget.

Given the electrics involved in the prototype, it may be advisable for some thought be taken on the waterproofing of such a device in order to avoid an electric shock of some kind when it rains!!

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