Jan 032012
Beaumont Row

Cyclist Mark Beaumont is known for breaking long distance travelling records on his bike but he faces a new challenge over the next month as he attempts to row across the Atlantic in under 30 days.

Mark and a crew of five others have set off from Morocco already as they look to get to Barbados before the month is out. The current record is 33 days.

Rowing in shifts

The crew will work in shifts of three to row across the Atlantic. Mark and two others will take in two hours of rowing before the next lot of crew members have a two hour shift, with Mark and his team then taking over again.

This pattern will repeat itself through the number of days it takes to reach their final destination. In those two hours where they are not rowing, Mark and his shift members are expected to sleep. The boat that Mark will be using is only 11-metres in length

Mark is no stranger to epic adventures and the stamina needed to break records. In 2008, he broke the record for cycling around the world (194 days and 17 hours, breaking the old record by 81 days) and has also cycled from Alaska to southern Argentina.

Good luck

We’re sure Mark’s lungs and powerful legs will come in handy on this expedition. The very best of luck to him and his fellow crew.

You can track Mark and his fellow crew on their Atlantic trip with their boat, the Sara G, here.

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