Aug 102011
London Surrey Cycle Classic

The London Surrey Cycle Classic takes on roads familiar to amateurs. However, it is perhaps not so familiar to the 140 pro riders who will tear around the 140km course in little over 3 hours on Sunday?

Using our knowledge from years of cycling around the Surrey Hills we have compiled a guide setting out what the Pros should expect from the London Surrey Cycle Classic.

Beautiful flat road surfaces…NOT!

Despite some evidence of remedial work taking place on the course during the weekend before the event the roads are not ideal for road racing.

Putney Bridge has sections of warped asphalt, the roads out of London are full of street furniture and the Surrey roads are notorious for pot holes and loose gravel. The riders had better stay alert.

‘A’ road action

Picturesque country roads seem to have been deliberately avoided as the Classic takes in a range of South East England’s ‘A’ roads (A25, A244, A320…).

They should be large enough for the peloton to safely navigate the route but, in our view, don’t take advantage of the most beautiful roads that Surrey has to offer.

Picture postcard moments

Despite the proliferation of ‘A’ roads there are several sections of the course that will provide beautiful backdrops. Images of the riders racing on the Mall, over each of the Thames crossings and up Box Hill will become familiar to all of us in the months leading up to the 2012 event.

A failed break away

The bunch will probably allow a break away to go clear after Hampton Court Palace. Up until that moment the route has remained mostly urban and the peloton will likely have stayed together.

Two circuits of Box Hill (there will be a further 7 in the 2012 event) will not be enough to break the pack and all the sprinters will be safely shepherded to the Mall where Cav will beat Farrer in the bunch sprint.

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