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As London wakes from a third night of looting, it appears the cycling community has not escaped.

This YouTube video, uploaded last night, shows Micycle in Islington, North London being broken into and thieves making off with bikes.

We spoke to Julian Sabetian, the mechanic at Micycle, this afternoon.

Julian told us that despite the looting of bikes, the shop was open and they had tried not to let what happened disrupt trading.

“We’ve had lots of concern from customers and locals alike, so the support has been palpable and very welcome.”

“I think that the redeeming factor’s just being the local community and their support. A few people have deliberately come to make small purchases [to show support]. Other shops have swung by or phoned, it’s nice for potential competitors to show their concern.”

Julian said that there was some cctv footage of the disturbances outside the shop and both CID and Police forensics had come along to the shop to go through the details of what exactly had been stolen.

“They were carrying off bikes like they were their own. We’re not too sure, somewhere around ten bikes. They knew what they were looking for, the expensive ones, so £1-2.5k, per bike.”

In terms of arrests and prosecutions, Julian mentioned that the police believed they had identified one of the gang of youths in the disturbance.

Mosquito Bikes

Mosquito Bikes on Essex Road, Islington, which is close to where a GGB staffer lives, was also targeted yesterday. Mosquito, which sell high end independent brands, told us that staff had fended off attempts by “yobs” to get into the shop.

There was reports of people being mugged of their bikes in the London Fields area of Hackney, London, yesterday as trouble spread from nearby Mare Street. The park area of London Fields of should be avoided if possible in the afternoon in case trouble flares up again.


London Fields Cycles, which is on Mare St, Hackney, where disturbances first started off yesterday, is closed today.

When I passed by on bike at roughly 12.30pm, staff had their shutters half down and like others were looking out on to Mare St. There was no damage to the glass front of the shop and it appears to have escaped the disturbances of yesterday.

Evans Cycles store in Chalk Farm as well as Geoffrey Butler Cycles in South Croydon have also confirmed that they were targeted by looters.

Evans Cycles, Chalk Farm

This was the scene, captured by Matt Shaw of Bicycle Images, outside Evans Cycles in Chalk Farm, North London on the morning after the worst of the London Riots.

Looters had got away with a number of bicycles and left, what they could not take with them, strewn across the street.

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  1. The image above is of Evans Cycles in Camden I believe.

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