Dec 152011
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Back in late November, London’s Mayor Boris Johnson promised a review of every major planned scheme on Transport for London roads, and of every junction on the Cycle Superhighways with pedestrians and cyclists in mind following a spate of accidents. Since then another cyclists’ death, the 16th this year, has occurred on London’s streets involving a lorry.

The Mayor has subsequently been criticised for not putting enough pressure on Transport for London to change their tack on a roads policy that appears to put traffic flow for cars and commercial vehicles first above all matters of road safety for cyclists and pedestrians.

Publish details of dangerous junctions

Now the London Assembly has called for the Mayor to put pressure on Transport for London to publish the capital’s most dangerous roads and junctions for cyclists and called for a full review of design safety at each of these junctions following an Assembly sitting that debated cycling safety on London’s roads.

The demand was part of a motion passed by all members (20 votes for and none against ) across all political parties that also asked the Mayor and Transport for London to bring forward specific proposals to improve cycle safety at three junctions (Bow roundabout, King’s Cross and the junction of Tower Bridge Road and Abbey Street) where cyclists have died recently.

Communicate with cycling groups

Any review of junctions should consider proposals made by cycling and road safety groups on how to redesign these junctions to make them safer.  These reviews should be publicly available and include details on why any suggestions have been rejected.

Assembly Members pointed out their concern that some cyclists’ deaths in London could have been avoided if junctions were designed more safely.

Jenny Jones AM, who proposed the motion, said; “There can be no higher political priority than saving lives. I am convinced that a thorough review of safety at junctions that listens and, more importantly, acts on the concerns of cyclists and pedestrians will result in fewer deaths and casualties on our roads.”

Val Shawcross AM, who seconded the motion, said: “If we are to achieve a truly sustainable cycling revolution in London we must provide safe passage for cyclists across our city. Every extra person who decides to get on their bike adds more weight to the responsibility of London’s politicians and transport bosses to make cycle safety an urgent priority.”


The motion also asked for Transport for London to secure an agreement with the Department for Transport to roll out Trixi mirrors at all major junctions across London, to help ensure cyclists are visible to drivers and look into expanding cycle training across London Boroughs.

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  1. That’s great, but can we have better/improve road surfaces please Boris!!! Like The great Marlborough St, then some good right turning onto Oxford toward Holborn, deep potholes on cycle lanes (Putney bridge) surprise you don’t have some-one to monitor the road condition where “Boris bikes” are use.

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