Oct 092010
LFGSS Photo Wall

Lots of shiny stuff on show at the Cycle Show at Earl’s Court at the moment. And I’m not just talking about Mario Cipollini’s brylcreemed barnet.

However, the LFGSS stand provided a welcome alternative to the standard fare. There was no carbon fibre, no hard sales pitch. In there place there was a polo bike and a non-polo bike, a most excellent photo-wall (see above) made up of hundreds (thousands perhaps?) of individual bikey photos contributed by users of the forum and a small exhibition of cool photos from Bicycle Images.

In addition there were other bits and pieces representing the average day in the life of LFGSS. As a result it was a relaxed, engaging and friendly bikey place to hang out. If you are heading down to the show, be sure to pop by and say hello.

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