Nov 092010
Halloween Cyclocross Herne Hill

On Halloween, whilst you were avoiding the Trick or Treaters and we were doing a midnight cycle ride to Brighton, the folks at Bicycle Images were at the Herne Hill Velodrome taking phenomenal photos of a Cyclocross event.

This is the bread and butter for an agency of photographers who are all cyclists and whose inspiration is the bike.

Farid, Roxy and others from the agency can be found at cycling events throughout the year and the images they take are made available for download and reproduction on their site.

In addition to cycling events (they were recently taking stunning images from the Catford Hill Climb) Bicycle Images possess an access-all-areas pass within the cycling community. As a result their images cover an unexpected breadth and possess an indisputable connection with its subject matter

To view the Bicycle Images library is to look through a window into the eclectic world of contemporary cycling. With Bicycle Images it is not about the camera, it is all about the photographers’ love of cycling.

Image courtesy of Bicycle Images; photographer Matt Shaw

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