Apr 192011
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It’s fact finding time. In response to the AA’s declaration of “Cycle Safety Day” and the somewhat patronising survey result of their members, 97% of whom thought cyclists should wear helmets, we have launched our own survey.

It’s easy to enter just vote using the link above and feel free to add any other comments below as well. We want to find out what you feel about this! If you haven’t seen the coverage then you can read our article about the helmet handout.

Help us spread the word and find out what the cycling community really thinks…

Our man on the spot

One of the Going Going Bike team did manage to cycle down to the second helmet handout spot in High Holborn in London on Friday. He reported a huge queue of people waiting for the handout. As with the morning handout, all helmets and high viz jackets quickly went.

What was surprising was that there was no sermon or even a leaflet handout eulogising the AA position on cycle safety before the handout started. The couple of people he spoke to before the handout began had no position on the AA’s patronising campaign and were happy to take what the AA were handing out as a freebee.

Vote now

The Going Going Bike Cycle Safety Day Survey will be open for voting until the end of this week. Please vote now and forward to your cycling and motorist friends alike.

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  3 Responses to “Helmets, mirrors or mobiles?”

  1. I have noticed in the last year or so that a lot of drivers don’t indicate before they overtake cyclists.

    Arguably it could be ok if the driver doesn’t have any other cars behind them, but if they do then the driver behind may not see the oncoming cyclist and will not be warned by the driver in front and might not have time to manouver before it is too late.

    • Brian – you are absolutely right…in fact, I think that indicating has almost become “optional” for many motorists…

      I notice this when driving a car or cycling…however, it effects me more as a cyclist (in overtaking situations that you describe or when vehicles are turning left).

  2. Brian – “the last year or so”? This has been happening over the past 20 years and has become endemic in the last 10.

    Yesterday I followed a driver for about 5 miles on an ‘A’ class road. He negotiated 4 roundabouts, two of which he turned right at and two of which he went straight ahead. He should have indicated at all of these junctions but failed to signal at any.

    This is typical and widespread.

    Perhaps the AA would like to address these issues before they start meddling with the issue of whether cyclists wear helmets, something which at present is the personal choice of each rider and has NO EFFECT on their members.

    AA – get your own house in order.

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