Apr 232011
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Surveys about helmet use and compulsion have sprung up everywhere in the past week or so. First there was the AA claiming that 97% of motorists want to see cyclists wear helmets, and then of course our own little survey on the back of the AA’s claim.

Not to be outdone, road safety charity, the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), have waded into the debate with their own survey.

The headline finding from their poll was that one in 10 cyclists would give up cycling if wearing helmets was made compulsory, while only 20% of the 4,000 people surveyed by IAM thought that helmets should be compulsory for cyclists. IAM’s poll also found that 30% would simply continue to cycle without a helmet. Sixty per cent of those surveyed who cycle, do wear a cycle helmet.

Helmets not a priority

Cycle helmets were not seen as a priority compared to using conspicuous clothing and lights, but nor were the respondents negative in their views towards them. Almost 60% thought that wearing a cycle helmet should be a personal decision.

Would you stop cycling if you were made to wear a helmet?

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  One Response to “Helmet compulsion could be a negative for cycling uptake”

  1. I wouldn’t give up cycling any more than I’d give up living. But, as a protest, I would give up wearing a helmet.

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