Oct 232010

It’s almost that time of year when you turn off the lights and pretend not be home so as to avoid marauding packs of sweet demanding kids. Although in recent years they seem to have started asking for money! However, as a public service announcement we thought we’d bring you 3 alternatives to take you out and about. All involve dressing up and various degrees off physical exertion. So in descending order of difficulty:

Track or Treat

Organised by Brother Cycles plan is to meet in Trafalgar Square for Midnight on Saturday 30th October and cycle into the night, finishing 60 miles later on Brighton Pier just in time for an early breakfast… or beer.

Muddy Hell

Do you like the idea of an authentic “Belgian Cross” combined with a Halloween fancy dress party? If so, head down to Herne Hill Stadium on Saturday 5th October for the 2nd Knog Halloween Cyclo Cross 2010! The Rollapaluza team of volunteers will be putting in some new “surprise” obstacles at the Herne Hill course, with rumours of guaranteed mud, whatever the weather.

The Wheel

Join them for a psychedelic Halloween experience. This day long event will take in home-made sounds and hand crafted treats, wild Indian dancers, Elizabethan minstrels, a disguised procession, all culminating in a sensational live show…

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