Jan 172011

After a few teething problems and much head scratching, we were able to carry out two successful auctions on the weekend at the London Bike Show.

Live Bike Auctions

Led by Master auctioneer Andrew, we had some hotly contested auctions in our simultaneous live and online bicycle auctions. Our partners Druid Bikes were more than happy with the money raised, 25% of which will go to help fund two cyclists in India and Nepal respectively and the winners of the bikes knew they had got hold of a unique and special bike. The unsold lots are still available in the Druid Webstore on Going Going Bike.

Apart from the fun events at Going Going Bike, the show was a tad disappointing. Not enough exhibitors, not enough variety and what was there wasn’t great with not much new product on show. Most exhibitors used the show as a retailing opportunity and business was steady among the companies we spoke to.

Stand-outs of the Show

On my trip around the show I did spot the odd thing or two that took my notice. First off this suitcase.

This is not any old suitcase, this is a Brompton Pod flight case suitcase. If you are planning on a trip aboard it’s the ultimate way to impress your fellow passengers on the plane when you check in. The suitcase is made of rigid moulded EVA with the bicycle strapped within.

I quite liked these Scoot Bikes. The bloke on the Ridgeback stand, which makes them, seemed to think any age could ride this. I thought they were very cute, if a bit pricey at £80. There was also a rear brake on the bike which I thought was a bit strange considering a child will use his legs to move the bike on. Apparently it is there to help a child learn the basics of braking.

There were the usual fancy and very expensive bikes on show. This one is a Time Trial Bike and I don’t mind admitting I found it very sleek and sexy (from a design point of view of course).

It’s the Factor 001, a £25,000 road bike with ceramic disc brakes and other technological innovations on it. Not sure the likes of you and I will ever get a chance to take it for a test drive.

All in all it was an enjoyable experience for the Going Going Bike team, we met a load of nice people interested in what we are doing and some important business contacts for the future.

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