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National cycling organisation CTC and the Forestry Commission in England have joined forces to promote, increase and enhance the role that cycling plays on land owned by the Forestry Commission Estate.

Over the next five years, the CTC and the Forestry Commission will work together on promoting physical activity through cycling in woodlands, deliver new and innovate ways of using cycling to engage young people with the natural environment around then and seek new funding and partnership opportunities in order for both organisations to reach new audiences.

Forestry Commission commitment

As part of the partnership, the Forestry Commission will be increasing the number of Cycling Development Officer posts to manage community cycling development needs within the Forestry Commission and there will be additional CTC membership benefits.

Pam Warhurst, Forestry Commission Chair, said: “With over 10 million cycling visits being made every year to Forestry Commission woodlands, cycling is very much at the heart of what we do. Our woodlands are the setting for many people’s first off-road cycling experience and are celebrated as a favourite place to enjoy mountain biking.”

Existing projects

The Forestry Commission England and CTC already work on a number of projects including encouraging families on holiday to try cycling for the first time Sherwood, Haldon, the New Forest, Kielder and Dalby; supporting young people developing new community trail projects in the south east of England and; developing a new network of off road trails in the South West of England.

For more details of cycling activity that can be got up to on Forest Commission land, please visit here.

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