Apr 182012

Bike share schemes still appear to be a popular concept for most local authorities despite the recent closure of the OYBike-run Cardiff and Reading schemes. Leicester City Council is one such authority that is looking at the feasibility of introducing a scheme on the back of good cycling uptake in the city.

The city council has just begun work on investigating people’s travel habits to see if a bike hire system would work in Leicester. As part of the feasibility study, the Leicester City Council has designed a short online survey to better understand how people in Leicester might use a cycle hire scheme and is encouraging locals to complete the survey.


The survey, which takes just a few minutes to complete, will help Leicester City Council understand how a cycle hire scheme could be developed in Leicester and gauge whether there is a demand in the city for a cycle hire service.

The survey aims to find out more about people’s regular journeys in and out of the city, how and why they choose to travel, and what future initiatives they’d like to see, such as car share schemes, organised cycle rides or better route information. The results of the survey will be published in July.

Improving transport links

Leicester City Council said the aim of the cycle hire project was to improve links from the city centre to key local locations, such as bus and train stations, shopping areas, hospitals and university sites in the city.

Encouraging more people to cycle in Leicester is a key part of the council’s transport policy. The council estimates that about 10,000 cyclists ride in the city every day, an increase of more than 130% since 2005.

A cycle hire project was proposed as one of City Mayor Peter Soulsby’s 100-day pledges following his election last May.

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