Feb 252011

Here at Going Going Bike, we believe in all forms of wheeled transport. That includes Unicycles, which we have featured before on these very pages. 

It takes a lot of hard work to try and gain balance on a unicycle for more than a minute nevermind pedalling any great distances on it. But now help is at hand with the invention of the Solowheel, a self balancing electric unicycle.

Unlike other electrical unicycle inventions (eniCycle and the U3,) which have offered seating, the Solowheel offers a standing up experience on one wheel. Balance on the unicycle is stabilised by a built in gyroscope in the unit.

To get moving, a person merely stands on foot platforms to the side of the wheel and leans forward. To slow down you have to lean back. In order to steer the Solowheel, the use of your legs can gently change direction as the foot platforms are very close to the ground.

The company behind the invention, Inventist, claims the Solowheel has a range of about 12 miles between electrical charges of its the Li-ion batteries. It has a two hour battery life and can be fully recharged in only forty-five minutes The Solowheel also has a carry handle and foot platforms that fold away.

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