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We’re a great supporter of disability cycling here at Going Going Bike and have blogged on the issue in the past. Today, we feature an interesting documentary film project that highlights the demands of para-cycling with the focus on cycling club in particular – The Pirates of Barcelona. 

The working title for the film project is “Unstoppables: Pirates on Bicycles”. It will tell the story and the adventures of “Team Pirates”, a mixed disabled and able-bodied cycling club.


Focusing on the para-athletes, the film promises to be a story about everyday people who have reached “unimaginable heights through sport, overcoming the obstacles that life has put in their way”, according to the film makers Black Train Films.

The documentary will develop along two main narrative threads. One thread follows experienced Paralympic cyclists, Juanjo Mendez and Raquel Acinas, as they prepare for, participate in and return from the 2012 London Paralympics this summer.

In the other narrative thread, the documentary follows the ups and downs of Elisa, a female amputee, who only got on a bike for the first time a few months ago.


Filming for Unstoppables has already begun at the Barcelona Velodrome with the shooting of Elisa’s training sessions and her first competition.

Given the narrative of the story, which hopes to see Juanjo and Raquel go to the London 2012 Paralympic Games, a certain amount of budget is needed to help the Unstoppables documentary film to be completed.

Black Train Films has a working budget of €247,000 for the whole Unstoppables documentary (shooting, post production, promotion, distribution).

While Black Train Films is working hard to raise the total budget to cover filming in Spain as well as post production and distribution costs, funding of  $20,000 is needed for the London part of the filming to follow Juanjo and Raquel at the games. This will cover the cost of travel, as well as camera and sound equipment hire. At present there is no budget for the London trip in the overall budget for the film.


Black Train Films is using the Indiegogo crowdfunding vehicle to try and raise the funds for the London part of the trip.

Depending on what contribution a person makes, there will be a perk for that person as way of thank you for the donation. For instance, you could get your name on the credits at the end of the film or feature in the film as part of the filming in Barcelona.

If you want to back the film with some of your money, you can do so at this Indiegogo webpage.

The finished film

Two versions of the documentary film will be produced. One of 54 minutes for television channels and one an 80 minute theatrical release for Cinemas/Film Festivals. In parallel to this, there will be Short Video trailers of between 1 and 10 minutes that will be available to view on the net. These short clips will have their own narrative structure compared to the longer films.

We wish the Black Train Films team good luck on their fundraising efforts and in making the film. We look forward to seeing the film when it is completed but in the meantime enjoy the trailers about the documentary made by the film makers so far.

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  1. Wow. This has been added to my personal list of what I think about when I think about cycling. “If we must die, let it be riding.”

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