Nov 292011

Authorities in Dubai are claiming a shape decline in the number of fatal accidents involving cyclists. This is not due to any road safety measures put in by the local government there but is in fact due to the confiscation of 8,600 bicycles by traffic police for offences.

Dubai police figures reveal that only one person has died in a cycling accident in the first nine months of this year, compared with seven in the same period last year with the total number of accidents dropping by about a third.

Speed limit

Local police have acted to stop cyclists riding on roads with a law in the Emirate stating that cyclists can’t cycle on main roads where there is speed limit of more than 80kph and inner roads where there is a limit above 60kph.

Cycling in Dubai is seen as being on an upward curve, though many riders are poorer construction workers who see a bike as a cheaper option to local transport and use main roads to get to work quicker.

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