Apr 302012
Used Bicycles

As a business that gives a platform to people to sell their used bikes and attracts a large amount of traffic for people looking to buy second hand bikes, we were delighted to read of some research from across the water in the US that owners of used bikes there ride more, buy more bicycle-related apparel/accessories, and visit bike shops more often than owners of bikes that have been bought new. Used bike owners also ride their bikes to work more often than owners of new bikes. Continue reading »

Dec 142011
Xmas Tree Generated by Bicycle

Pedal power electricity generation is just made for Christmas. Take a bunch of bikes to generate electricity for lights on a Christmas tree. Seems such a simple idea and something that authorities in the Mexican city of Puebla have been keen to experiment with as part of their sustainable Christmas campaign.  Continue reading »

Nov 212011

The issue of cyclists paying road tax is a non-issue really as there is no such thing. Maybe someone should tell insurance comparison site Confused.com because they seemed confused themselves. One of the main results of its road safety week survey (out today) is that a quarter of drivers want cyclists to pay road tax Continue reading »

Nov 082011
London Bike Kitchen

Today, we have a guest blog from Jenni Gwiazdowski. Jenni is the founder of London Bike Kitchen, an open DIY workshop where you can fix your own bike instead of giving it to someone else. This blog is about the motivations behind setting up London Bike Kitchen and the challenges of running a start-up cycling business as they work towards getting the business operational. Continue reading »

Oct 212011
Ralph Lauren Bike

Associating your brand with a movement that is seen as cool is a well known marketing trick. Increasing participation in leisure cycling is seeing a whole host of companies jumping on board to try and associate themselves with the lifestyle that cycling is perceived to give. Continue reading »

Oct 202011
Proviz Jacket

As you’ve no doubt noticed the temperatures have well and truly dropped this week following the unseasonably warm weather in the earlier part of October. It seems that short sleeved rides are soon to be distant memories as we layer up and ride out in our cycling jackets until spring. Continue reading »