Sep 042014

Ah it’s cycle to work day… and it’s not bad weather for September.  (Actually I’m in the South of France this morning doing some undercover journalism on the illegal trafficking of Zipp wheels, but I digress…)

But when Autumn rolls around, there are some days to cycle and some days (frankly) to squeeze into the silent oppression of steamy commuter contact that is the Tube.  But how do you decide if it is one of those days? Continue reading »

Dec 162011
Carbon Pro Ice Fil

Innovation in fabric technologies in recent years have produced all manner of breakthroughs in trying to keep us cool and dry while we workout or cycle. Much of the development in this field has focused on moisture management, where fabric materials pulls sweat off the body to keeping clothes dry, but now products are appearing that specifically look to cool parts of the body for an athlete. Continue reading »

Oct 272011
Photo credit: Fixed Gear London Blog

As anyone who has played Mario Kart on the Nintendo will testify, one of the fun elements of the game is to try and beat your mates’ times in a time trial around one of the courses. A phone app that is currently in beta mode is attempting to mimic this experience by turning your physical ride/run/skate into an interactive video game. Continue reading »

Oct 262011
Biking Robot

Robotics have come a long way since car maker Honda began its research and development program to create robots capable of interacting successfully with humans in 1986. These days’ robots are autonomous beings with artificial intelligence that can learn and adapt human behaviour. So it should be no surprise that someone has developed a robot to ride a bike. Continue reading »