Feb 202012
1. Flat_LBK_puncturerepairkit_hands2

Welcome to a regular series of guest blogs from our friends at London Bike Kitchen on DIY bicycle maintenance. Every month, London Bike Kitchen’s founder Jennifer Gwiazdowski will be approaching a bicycle maintenance topic through the eyes of a novice and providing a step by step guide on how to fix it. This month, Jennifer explains how to fix a flat puncture. Continue reading »

Jan 262012
Post Ride Recovery

If you haven’t trained for a long bike ride (as I found out on our GGB Casual Ride last Sunday), the chances are that your muscles will be very sore the next day. It got us thinking here at GGB what is the best way to aid recovery after a long, hard ride. Is the usual casual cyclists’ post ride recovery strategy (ie visit to the pub) the best option? Continue reading »

Aug 252011

Buying a bicycle can be a challenge! This is particularly the case for women as the obvious physical differences between women and men can make it hard for women to find the ideal bike for them or the right fit in a male dominated bike world. Continue reading »

Jun 102011
Bicycle Crime Scene

As cyclists, we’ve probably been a victim of bike theft or know someone who has. I’ve had a bicycle nicked, oddly enough from a secure location, which required a code to enter the premises.  Continue reading »

May 312011
Sportive Preparation

On the evening before a sportive there is no time left for training but there is much still to be done to ensure the following day is a success. The hours before your event are all about the final preparations and making sure you arrive at the start line on time, with everything you need for the day ahead and in good spirits. Continue reading »