Apr 252012
Mid Ride

Another cracking Casual Ride was enjoyed last Sunday as we did a 100km route from Richmond Park to Oxford.The ride was distinguished by two contrasts:

-Mostly sunny and warm weather until the final 5 km when the temperature fell from 15 degrees to 9 degrees and the heavens opened.

-Mostly flat other than a 12km stretch which got steadily steeper until we hit Piss Hill and it’s gradients of over 10%

-Not too many other cyclists on the road and then we encountered a cycle race madly careering down a country lane in Oxfordshire (which turned out to be the Thames Velo Spring Road Race).

One other remarkable feature were the amazing kites soaring above us (waiting for one of us to fall off our bike?) hunting for prey. The story, rather too enthusiastically recounted by the pub landlord, of a child the previous weekend having his cheek gashed by the wing of one of the kites was particularly gruesome and encouraged us all to keep cycling.

Below are some photos from a very enjoyable day:

100 km of “mostly” flat riding

Cycling along nicely with 50km under the belt

At Henley about to cross the Thames

In need of a refuel

Not “Casual Riders” racing on a Sunday

Dry on the outskirts of Oxford

But wet on arrival!

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