Nov 292011
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In all the debate about cyclists’ deaths caused by collisions with lorries it is easy to forget that buses given their size are also a major threat to cyclists. Bus drivers tend to be more cautious in general and have a lower seat position to drive and view from but like a lorry driver they have to be aware of blind spots and cyclists who unfortunately decide to undertake them.

So it is heartening to know that some bus companies take their responsibilities on the road towards cyclists very seriously.

Driver training

In Yorkshire, travel company First, which operates bus services in Bradford, Leeds, Huddersfield and Halifax, is to give its drivers specialist training on how to drive near cyclists.

Yorkshire-based cycle training firm Pedal Ready will be on hand to deliver the training advice to drivers who drive for First in Bradford.


First, which is known to be cycling proactive through initiatives in other parts of the country, has also placed stickers on its buses to encourage cyclists to take care when riding near buses.

Cyclist safety

The cycle training initiative in Bradford is part of First’s Passenger Safety Month.

Brandon Jones, sales and marketing manager for First in the north of England, told the Bradford Telegraph & Argus.

“We were particularly keen to tackle the issue of cyclist safety, which we know is of concern to a number of cyclists across the area. By talking to cycling safety experts, we have been able to incorporate the relevant dos and don’ts into training for all our drivers.

“Issues such as cyclists changing their position on the road and the reasons behind it are key to our drivers’ understanding of how to act in each potential circumstance.”

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  1. Interesting picture to choose: the bus isn’t First Bus and the cycle lane is separated from the road… ;-)

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