Oct 122010
Row of Boris Bikes perfect for broken down bicyclists

Last week we were in a big hurry. Off to a meeting the other side of town with only just enough time to get there. Then disaster struck… a puncture! Being well prepared with no spare inner tube or pump this was a little bit of an issue. 

So what were the options?

1. Give up and go back to office. Not ideal especially for an important meeting.

2. Find nearest bike shop and buy inner tube / borrow pump. However, didn’t have the time to wander around looking for one.

3. Leave bike and jump on bus / tube (if knew which one to take and didn’t have to change multiple times)

4. Take a taxi – got be kidding right?!

None of them were very attractive and all would involve being late or spending loads of money. But then inspiration struck – Boris Bikes. Yes they’re super slow and heavy but seems like they are now everywhere in London.

So jumped off my bike. Walked it to the nearest Boris Bike docking station, locked it to some railings, pulled out my trusty key and was off and cycling to our meeting. Problem solved! (Although obviously had to reclaim my bike later and fix the puncture)

So my advice to you (if you live in London) is if you’re not going to carry all the gear necessary to change a puncture make sure at a minimum you have a Boris Bike key as back up!

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