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The number of cyclists being mugged for their bikes is unfortunately a rising bike crime statistic but one recent victim refused to take the experience of being bike mugged lying down and helped to alert Police to the mugger after finding the mugger’s profile on Facebook.

A recent court case at Bradford Crown Court heard that that the mugging victim, an unnamed 14-year old boy from Bradford, turned detective after being mugged of his very expensive BMX bike.

Suspect identified

He managed to locate the mugger via Facebook, identify the man as the person who mugged him and alerted Yorkshire Police to fact he could now identify the man who had mugged him of his bike.

That man, Tony Cassidy, is now facing a jail sentence after Police questioned Mr Cassidy about the offence and another unassociated case of theft and robbery in a separate mugging.

Mugging incident

The trial of Mr Cassidy at Bradford Crown Court heard how the 14-year-old was approached by Mr Cassidy in a skateboard park in the Newsome area of Bradford, and told the boy to hand over his mobile phone. On seeing that the phone was damaged, Mr Cassidy handed the phone back to the boy but instead took the boy’s BMX bike instead as well as gloves and a baseball cap owned by the lad.

The youngster, who had only had the bike for two months, was determined to find out any information relating to the person who mugged him and got to hear the name of Mr Tony Cassidy. Mr Cassidy at that time was trying to sell a bike fitting the description of the boy’s stolen BMX bike and word had gotten around the Bradford skating and BMX community.

With the name, the boy managed to find Mr Cassidy’s Facebook profile and recognised the man as being the person who had mugged him of his bike. In some photos on Mr Cassidy’s profile, Mr Cassidy was seen wearing the stolen baseball cap.

Bike recovered

When Mr Cassidy admitted the mugging offence to Yorkshire Police, Police were able to recover the BMX bike and a mobile phone relating to another theft. The 14-year old boy has now been reunited back with his £540 BMX bike.

It is not such a happy ending for the bike mugger though. Mr Cassidy has been sentenced to three months in a young offenders’ institution for stealing the bike with an additional 10 months in custody for stealing the phone.

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