Jun 122012
Reveal the Path

A new cycling adventure film that was partly funded by crowd funding is about to hit the US this week. Reveal the Path explores the journey taken by cyclist Matthew Lee and endurance athlete Kurt Refsnide as they cycle across four continents.

The film’s makers, Mike Dion and Hunter Weeks, producers of 2010ʼs hit bike adventure film, Ride the Divide, continue in the vein of that movie by creating a film that they hope will create a desire in those watching the movie to plot their own course to far away lands or simply to discover what’s right around the corner from where they live.

Regions explored in the film include Scotland’s lush valleys, Europe’s snow capped mountains, Morocco’s high desert landscapes, Nepal’s rural countryside and Alaska’s rugged coastal beaches.


Mike and Hunter used crowd funding platform Kickstarter to raise $10,000 that helped fund the creation of the film’s soundtrack. In fact they raised more than that target. At the end of their funding deadline $21,097 was raised. That extra money was used in post-production of the film with Mike and Hunter being able to get better colour grading and sound mixing in the final cut of the film.

A percentage of any profit proceeds from Reveal The Path will go to the US-based Planet and Adventure Cycling Association.

International distribution

Mike and Hunter plan to show Reveal The Path outside the US and are currently in talks with distributors. For the moment, we’ll have to enjoy the trailer (below) until it comes to these shores.

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