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Strider Balance Bike Racing

Balance bikes are great for getting toddlers and kids under five confident on being a bike. As well as teaching them balance and coordination before they get on a pedalled bike, the bikes are very much a fun item for a child to use. A child just moves the bike by pushing along the ground with their feet.

Given the strong element of “play” that balance bikes bring, it is no surprise that someone has organised races involving balance bikes. US balance bike maker Strider has been running race events involving bikes from its own brand for a number of years under The Strider Cup and Strider World Cup banners.

The events are designed to let toddlers and young kids age 18 months to five years old to enjoy an element of friendly competition and play as can be seen by the video directly below. These kids often then progress to BMX racing once they get riding on bikes with pedals.

Strider races come to the UK

The races have proved very popular not only in the US but in other countries like Japan. Now a UK distributor of the Strider brand is bringing the World Cup race series over here to the UK.

The distributor, Melrose Kids, organised the first Strider World Cup race in the UK earlier this month at Willesden Cycling Club in London and is busy planning further race events throughout this year. This includes a race event at the indoor BMX track at Manchester’s National Cycling Centre on June 30th.

All races at these events are free to enter and bikes and safety equipment can be borrowed on the day of the races. There are also opportunities to learn and practice ahead of formal races at the events.

Melrose’s aim is to find a rider from the UK events to represent the UK at the Strider World Championship in Florida in 2013. That rider (and his family) will enjoy a paid trip to the Championship.

Excitement of Strider bike racing

Melanie Thomas of Melrose Kids, said the distributor was thrilled to be promoting Strider World Cup Racing and the Strider Adventure Zone programme in the UK.

“At Strider, we love seeing little kids light up with excitement when they get that first taste of freedom, mobility, and adventure that comes from their first bike experience.”

“We believe it [the races] will further fuel that budding passion for riding on two wheels and inspire other kids to get outside, get on a bike, and give it try.”

If you feel this is something your child would enjoy, you can register for UK Strider bike rides and get more information on them at stridercup@learningearly.co.uk or support@melrosekids.co.uk giving details of children’s names and dates of birth.

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