May 232012

The DeLorean name is most associated with the ill-fated UK-based motor company that produced the iconic DMC-12 sports car, the star of the 80s Back to the Future films. The DeLorean name is now making a comeback under the unfamiliar guise of a bicycle under the ownership of British born Stephen Wynne and his Texas-based DeLorean Motor business.

With the DMC-12 unlikely to come back into production anytime soon (and when it does it will be as an electric car), Mr Wynne has turned his attentions to producing a DoLorean bike in the meantime to make sure the DoLorean brand continues to have profile before the car makes a comeback.

The road bike, the DeLorean Anyday, features Columbus XCR steel tubing to give the bike that ubiquitous stainless steel charm of the DMC-12. The Anyday is an 11-speed bike that also has “luminescent” coated wheels that give the impression of being on when lights shine on them.

The DMC-12 was not a cheap buy its heyday in the 80s and the bike similarly commands a pretty hefty penny at $5,450. A further two bikes, the DeLorean Speed and DeLorean Cruise, are also in the pipeline.

The Anyday bike is available to buy at the DeLorean Bicycle website.

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