Jul 122011

We like innovation and gadgetry stuff here at Going Going Bike and of course the odd when it comes to stuff bike related.

Well when we say bike related, we really mean urban mobility to be exact. Today we bring you the YikeBike foldable electric bike. The YikeBike takes its design pointers from a penny farthing with a large 20 inch front wheel and an 8 inch back wheel. There are pedals on the YikeBike but they provide foot support more than anything else.

Unusual sitting position

Sitting position on the YikeBike is upright as you would do if you were sitting in chair with the handlebars providing both arm support and steering. The accelerator and brakes are controlled by buttons that are on the handlebars. The YikeBike uses anti-skid, electric brake pads to stop the machine.

Given its design, the YikeBike is not really built for speed. At full pelt with the bike’s one-kilowatt electric motor, the YikeBike only goes up to 14.3mph. A rechargeable battery that comes with the YikeBike allows for a 6.2-mile range and has a 120-minute recharge time with a standard charger.

LED lights

Other features worth noting on the YikeBike is the LED light system which has turning lights, brake lights, rear lights, turning signals and hazard lights. Such lights are more akin to a scooter or motorcycle.


The YikeBike can be folded or unfolded in about 15 seconds, and is light (22 pounds) and portable enough to be carried onto a bus or train.

The YikeBike retails at $1,999 (£1,265) and is half the price of a carbon fibre model of the Yike Bike that was unveiled in late 2010.

YikeBike from dantv on Vimeo.

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