Jan 212011
Good Mechanic Guide

Our recent debate on bike mechanics brought a great deal of discussion and feedback on where is the best place for get your bike fixed and repaired. Most of the suggestions were typically bike shops of course. But what about a mobile bike mechanic coming to visit your home and repairing your bike while you wait. Is there a market for such a service?

At last weekend’s London Bike Show, we came across such a business, appropriately named Bikefixers.

Market for mobile bike repairs

Bikefixers is the brainchild of Jerry Toher, a cyclist who hit upon the idea of a mobile bike mechanic business, while having problems trying to find a timeslot for getting his wife’s bike fixed at local bike shops. Jerry told us that he was convinced the idea would work after testing whether a market existed for mobile repairs around Solihull, Brimingham, where he lives.

Mobile mechanics are not a new idea but Jerry’s aim is to run a successful national business as opposed to previous offerings that remain distinctly local.

A franchise business

To do this, he will run Bikefixers as a franchise business. The franchise buys a plain white van and will be supplied with the Bikefixers branding. Tools, uniform, training, parts and stock, will also be supplied. Interested mechanics will have to fork out 20k to buy into the franchise (15k for the first 20 who sign up). A typical franchisee would expect to earn between £20-50,000 per year, according to Jerry.

For the customer, Bikefixers can visit homes or work place at times to suit. If they can’t fix the bike on the spot and need to take it away, the mechanic/franchise holder provides a temporary replacement.

There is a lot to be said of the convenience of having a mobile mechanic come out and visit you, but this would probably have to be reflected in higher prices charged for repairs or a service as opposed to a bike shop.

(If you are a mechanic and are interested about taking up a franchise, then call Jerry on 01564 774472)

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