Jun 112012
Yoho Bike Hotel Front

After a hard long winter commuting, you and your bike deserve a holiday. Luckily there is a spot in Taiwan where both you and your bike can relax and recharge batteries.

The Yoho Bike Hotel in Hengchun, Taiwan, caters for everything bicycle. Yoho guests can pedal through the corridors and ride their wheels into extra-wide lifts, while rooms have elevated storage racks and bike hangers.

The hotel also offers bike repairs and will clean you bike so it looks immaculate before you go for a leisurely ride. If you don’t have a bike and want to visit, you can rent a bike from the hotel. Bike training courses for all ages are provided by staff for those who may not be too confident on a bike.

A night at the hotel isn’t cheap. It costs $166 but there are plenty of rooms, 68 of them.

The people behind the hotel are bike manufacturer Giant. They hope the hotel will promote cycling in Taiwan.

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