Dec 232010

Bicycle parts have always been used to construct bits of art in a clever bit of recycling, but you’d never thought you’d see a Christmas Tree made up of bikes.

When The Rocks shopping area in Sydney, Australia, was considering its annual recycled Christmas tree it had to follow two pretty impressive efforts involving chairs and bottles. We think they’ve topped both with its impressive Tree-Cycle.

Tree-Cycle stands at 23 foot tall and is made up of over 100 bicycle parts. It features green painted bike frames as the outline of the tree with multi-coloured wheel rims giving the effect of Christmas tree ornaments.

It took eight weeks to build and will come down on December 28th, when the bike parts will be recycled to hopefully build new bicycles.

Update: The Amsterdamize blog has pointed out to us that the city of Groningen in the Netherlands also had a Christmas Tree made up of bike parts up in one of its squares this year. Watch the Youtube video below to see their effort.

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