May 152012

We were rather amused to hear the following case of the “pot calling the kettle black” after a man who tried to sell a stolen bike threatened to call the police on the the legal owner of the bike who had stolen the item back.

Washington DC resident Danny Lesh took his Cannondale hybrid bike back through riding off on it from a seller after finding his stolen bike available to buy online

Danny’s Cannondale had been stolen some months ago after he loaned it to his friend. While looking at online classified service Craigslist, he recognised his bike for sale for $100. The photo on the classified displayed a prominent sticker that Danny had put on the bike, so he knew it was his bike.

Police unable to help

Danny initially reported this information to Washington DC Police but they weren’t able to deal with the case in a quick enough time so Danny took the risk of snatching back his own bike.

After arranging to meet with the man selling his Cannondale, Danny took the bike for a test ride and cycled off.

Danny told NBC Washington that the seller managed to contact him thereafter with the contact details he had left with him, and left a message saying he was going to call the police.


Danny put a post on Craigslist when he got home after taking the bike back, warning other users about the thief and his online sales on the site.

“Honestly… I couldn’t help feeling bad for all the other people he’d stolen bikes from,” Danny stated. ”I’m glad that, hopefully, his business is interrupted a little bit.”

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